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Liberty Forum

The NHLA is a proud Silver Sponsor of this year's Liberty Forum in Manchester, February 2-4. The theme this year is "Leading Liberty" featuring keynote speaker Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Pirate Party.

NHLA Board members will have a discussion panel "
NHLA: The climate for liberty in Concord" on Saturday, Feb 4 from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM in Webster.

Go to for more information and to buy tickets. Use the NHLA Coupon Codes below for discounted prices. 

Coupon Codes:
NHLA10 - $10 off $100 purchase.
NHLA30 - $30 off All-Inclusive ($299) ticket
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If you are interested in helping promote the NHLA at Liberty Forum, please contact to sign up.

Bill Review Training

We've had positive response to the new bill review training video announced in the last newsletter with several new reviewers getting access to bill reviews and starting the review process.  There is still time to watch the video, sign up for a bill review account and help us change the course of legislation in Concord this year.   Please watch the video and make an impact for liberty.
New Hampshire Liberty Alliance Bill Review Training
Click to watch the NHLA Bill Review Training Video.

Accountability: Beyond the State House Dome

by: Seamus Casey

 Having objective data to hold accountable our elected officials is crucial.  For the state legislature, getting the raw data is fairly straightforward - the legislature has a dedicated IT department that, in addition to supporting the internal needs of the General Court, publishes bill-related data in a timely manner, and in a consistent, easy-to-consume (i.e., machine-readable) format.

There are many other levels of government that could stand to have a brighter light shined upon them.  Government entities such as:

- the Executive Council
- county commissions
- city councils/boards of aldermen
- town boards of selectmen
- school boards
- really, any elected body that holds votes that could impact your liberty

However, those other entities generally do not publish their data in a format that lends itself well to automated collection, and thus meaningful analysis.

I have long-term hopes that we could apply the NHLA's powerful tools (bill reviews, Gold Standard voting recommendations, and the almighty Liberty Rating) to other elected bodies, but before any of that is really feasible, we first need the raw data.  

And that is where you come in!

Are you keeping track of your town's board of selectmen?
Are you watching your city's board of aldermen/city council?
If not, you should be!
And if so, you can help with a crowdsourced effort to capture their roll call vote records.

As a logical extension to GenCourtMobile, I have been developing some tools to greatly simplify capturing that data, and storing it in a format that is as easy to digest/analyze as the state legislature's data.  In support of that, there is now an intuitive user interface where the respective votes of these entities can input by you.  And once that data is available, there is no limit to how we can put it to use.

If you are interested in helping out with this and/or have any questions or suggestions, please do let me know.

This same functionality can be used to capture legislative committee executive session roll calls.  If you are a current legislator and wish to help capture roll calls from your committee(s), please let me know! 

Testimony Training

Would you like to learn how to testify at committee hearings in Concord? Contact Dan at and he will schedule a session if there is enough interest.

Help Us get a Head Start for 2018

Thanks to generous donors, the NHLA was able to contribute nearly $35,000 toward campaigns of endorsed candidates during the 2016 election cycle. Will you help us rebuild our funds in time for 2018? The easiest way to do that is to set up a small, recurring monthly donation of $5 or $10 to our PAC fund. Will you take a moment and do that now? You can find more information at

Gold Standard Subscriptions

Get a copy of the Gold Standard delivered right to your inbox every week for FREE! That’s right; you too can get this highly effective, very popular liberty cheat sheet.

Our Gold Standard team carefully reviews bills going before the legislature for a vote each week, and selects bills that clearly impact the liberties of NH citizens and businesses. The Gold Standard contains our recommendations and liberty talking points on each of these impactful bills. Feel free to use our talking points to contact your Representatives as a concerned citizen in support of or opposition to specific legislation. Your correspondence could make the difference on whether or not these bills pass or fail, thereby moving NH towards more liberty or more tyranny.

To get your copy, fill out the form at

Board Meeting Schedule

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 12th at 1PM at Murphy's Taproom (494 Elm St, Manchester). NHLA members are welcome to attend. Check for meeting updates here.

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