2017 Liberty Rating

This is the fourteenth annual Liberty Rating issued by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. We’d like to congratulate our Legislator of the Year JR Hoell. Rep. Hoell, currently serving his fourth term, received a grade of A+. Representative Hoell has scored A- or better in every year since he was first elected, and is a member of the five year honor roll.

We would thank our Activist of the Year Will Anderson, for his tireless volunteer work distributing the Gold Standard, coordinating the efforts of other Gold Standard volunteers and contributing to the content of the Gold Standard.

Individual grades for each representative and senator are based on pro-liberty or anti-liberty roll call votes and bill sponsorship/co-sponsorship for bills that have been included in our Gold Standard liberty voting guides, which are distributed to Senators and Representatives each session day. The Legislator of the Year is awarded to the individual with the highest score.

Pro-liberty votes protect individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility, recognize the superiority of freedom over coercion, respect the citizen's right of self-ownership, promote governance that is transparent, accountable, and adheres to the constitution, and recognize the value of voluntary economic decisions. Anti-liberty votes replace self-governance with interventionist regulation, assume rules made by agencies backed by force are superior to voluntary choices backed by personal accountability, and assume a better economy can be managed by a central authority that compels people and businesses to pay for policies they may not willingly support.

Ratings for prior years are available here.


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