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Remote Hearings

Remote Hearings – Senate

At this time, the General Court is conducting legislative activities remotely with the exception of publicly noticed sessions in the House or Senate Calendar. If you would like to attend remote public hearings, here are some helpful guidelines to help you navigate the process.

The Senate Calendar will be updated on the state website weekly (usually Thursday or Friday). On the calendar, you can locate all the public hearings scheduled for at least the next week. Look specifically for the “Remote Hearings” header. Once you have located the bill you are interested in, go to http://gencourt.state.nh.us/remotecommittee/senate.aspx to register to testify. Select the date of the hearing, the committee and the correct bill number. Next, select whether you are an elected official, lobbyist, state staff or a member of the public. Then you will indicate your position on the bill (support/oppose) and select if you wish to speak on the bill. On the next page enter your name, email and phone number. Select continue to go to the confirmation page. Here you will see the date and time of the hearing. You will also receive instructions to email any written testimony or other documents you wish to share with the committee.

Sign-in data will be compiled one half hour prior to the start of the Committee’s hearing. If you sign in after that time, the Committee may not have your name before them; however, the Chair will provide an opportunity for you to speak once they have called through the list of names. On the day of the hearing, you will access the meeting using the Zoom Webinar link or the dial in telephone numbers on the Senate Calendar. You can also simply view/listen to the hearing on YouTube, link is on the Senate Calendar.

Remote Hearings – House

The instructions for the House remote hearings has not been released at this time. Bookmark this page for updates.