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Special announcements the NHLA sends out from time to time. This list will be extremely low-traffic and shouldn’t result in more than one or two emails per month.

November NHLA Board Elections Now Open

NHLA Newsletter for November NHLA Board Elections Now Open

Liberty Dinner Guest Speaker

NHLA Newsletter for Liberty Dinner Guest Speaker

  • Liberty Dinner Sunday, July 15th

    NHLA Newsletter for Liberty Dinner Sunday, July 15th

  • Liberty Dinner Sunday, July 10th


    Just a reminder that tickets are on sale for our 8th annual dinner to be held on Sunday, July 10th at the Chateau Restaurant in Manchester. Larry Lepard, investment manager and early Ron Paul supporter, will be the keynote speaker.

    Larry's Bio

    Volunteer Appreciation Party postponed to April 8

    Due to the severe snow storm hitting New Hampshire on Friday, the Board has decided to postpone the Volunteer Appreciation party that was scheduled for Friday, April 1. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are only concerned about the safety of our members.

    Board Election Polls are Open

    This is just a friendly reminder that the positions of Chairman and Research Director are up for election. There are two candidates running for Chairman* (Darren Tapp and Eileen Landies) and three candidates running for Research Director (Bill McGonigle, Brandon Ross, and Dan Garthwaite).


    To cast your vote, please visit http://www.nhliberty.org/board/elections/2010/09/vote. Polls close Tuesday, September 28 at 11:59 pm.


    Special Announcement from the NHLA

    Dear Member,

    The NHLA needs your help! We have sent surveys to every candidate running for positions in the New Hampshire State House and Senate. Countless hours were spent tallying the results and deciding which candidates to endorse and support. There are many good candidates running. We will send contributions to approximately 140 of the best (out of 785 candidates).

    NHLA elections for Membership Director and Treasurer

    The NHLA Board of Directors elections are coming up next week. There are two positions that expire April 30. Nominations are now being accepted, and will be accepted until April 16. The election will run April 17–30. See the upcoming monthly newsletter for more details.

    Membership Director. This position is responsible for maintaining the membership database, surveying membership feedback, and increasing membership.

    Current Director Michelle Levell does not plan to run for re-election.

    Keith Ammon has been nominated and has accepted the nomination.

    Treasurer. This position is charged with financial accounting of the organization, as well as filing financial reports, and recordkeeping at fund-raising events.

    Current Treasurer Steve Villee has been nominated, and accepted, to run for re-election.

    State House training session

    WHAT: State House training session: Jury Nullification! Parents’ Rights!
    WHERE & WHEN: Thursday, 2010-01-07. Meet at 09:00 in the State House Cafeteria

    New Hampshire is unique—the legislative process is open to the average citizen. You can help determine which bills pass, and which are defeated, but only if you know how the process works.

    There are two high-impact bills open for public hearing on Thursday, Jan 7. The NHLA is using this opportunity to train new people in the ways of the pro-liberty citizen lobby, and to get experienced lobbyists to the State House to support this legislation.

    Meet at 9:00 AM in the State House Cafeteria, located in the basement of the big gold-domed building. Take the stairs near the elevator, or ask anyone you see in the building.

    Special announcement: The 2010 bills are here!

    Great news: The NHLA Bill Review system has been updated—new legislation for 2010 is now loaded on our website for your review.

    There are currently over 650 bills awaiting review from our volunteers, including 138 retained from the 2009 session. Of these, 40+ amendments have been added in the interim since last June. That is always worrisome; some of these amendments may be anti-liberty and need to be vetted by NHLA volunteers.

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