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November 2020 Board Election Results

The November 2020 NHLA Board of Directors election is over and the results have been counted — correctly! The board welcomes its newest member, incoming Research Director Jeremy Downing, who won his seat with 92% of the vote. Jeremy has a keen understanding of liberty and is expected to be a notable asset to the board. We are excited for his involvement!

The election was conducted with approval voting. Of 111 respondents:

A. Research Director:

  1. Jeremy Downing — 102 votes
  2. None of the Above — 7 votes
  3. Dan Itse (write-in) — 1 vote
  4. Ian Freeman (write-in) — 1 vote
  5. Skipped — 0

The Board would like to express our deepest gratitude to Jeffrey Creem, outgoing Research Director, for his tireless dedication to his position and to liberty in New Hampshire as a whole. The NHLA has been incredibly fortunate to have an activist like Jeff in one of its most critical roles, not only for his reasoned and detailed analysis of legislation, his principled fairness, and his unassuming leadership, but also for bringing levity to what is often a very serious Gold Standard with such gems as “A penalty of felony ventriloquism has no place in a free society.” We look forward to his continued participation.

Member Interest & Feedback Survey

The NHLA is a volunteer-driven organization that values the input and participation of all its members. In order to be the most effective advocates for liberty possible, a survey has been sent via email to all current members. Please take a moment (it’s really short, we promise!) to let us know what issues are most important to you, how you think we could be more effective in our mission, and what areas you may be able to volunteer to help us reach our goals. LoanPlaces.org has been in the industry for almost seven years and managed to build a platform that people trust. Having thousands of satisfied clients, it strives to improve the service quality and customer experience. LoanPlaces LoanPlaces aims to simplify the process of borrowing taking into consideration the fact that people who need quick, short-term loans face emergencies and have no time to spare.

If you did not receive the survey, but believe you should have, please email membership@nhliberty.org after checking your spam folder.

Survey is in effect until 19 May 2019.

April 2019 Board Election Results

The results of the April 2019 Board of Directors election are in!  The newest member of the Board is incoming Chair, Holly Beene Seal, who handily won her seat with 90% of the vote. Holly has been a prolific member of the Bill Review team and has been an active participant at Board meetings. We are excited for what her future involvement will bring!

Congratulations are also in order for Jaime Prout, who is returning for her second term as Secretary after receiving 97% of the vote. One of Jaime’s duties is to make sure we all stay informed about the up-to-date happenings at NHLA, and we are pleased to have her continue in that role.

The election was conducted with approval voting. Of 69 respondents:

  1. Chair:
    1. Holly Beene Seal — 60 votes
    2. None of the Above —  6 votes
    3. Paul Best (write-in) — 1 vote
    4. Skipped — 2
  2. Secretary:
    1. Jaime Prout — 65 votes
    2. None of the Above — 2 votes
    3. Skipped — 2

The Board would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Keith Ammon, outgoing Chair, for all he has brought to the organization. To say that Keith has been a dedicated member of the Board is a vast understatement, and his many contributions as a leader and activist have been instrumental in keeping the NHLA at the forefront of the fight for liberty in New Hampshire. We look forward to his continued participation.