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The NHLA reads, reviews, and rates almost 1,000 bills each year. Nearly every bill submitted to the Legislature is rated by a NHLA member on its liberty impact:

  • Is it constitutional?
  • Does it expand the size, cost, and power of government?
  • What will be the unintended consequences?

With this information, we publish a weekly update called the Gold Standard. Distributed to members of the House of Representatives prior to floor votes, the document is an invaluable aid in educating them whether a given bill is pro- or anti-liberty.

Our purpose in reviewing bills is to give feedback to the legislature and to the voters regarding the impact of legislation on the state’s citizens and businesses.

We want to help educate legislators about what makes a bill pro- or anti-liberty and we want voters to know how their legislators are voting.

This is a good way to be an effective citizen lobbyist and policy analyst without ever leaving your house! Please consider volunteering.

Basic steps:

  1. Sign up to the NHLA if you already haven’t.
  2. Choose a topic or legislative committee of interest to you.
  3. Get a Bill Reviewer account in the Bill Review System by contacting our Research Director.
  4. Look at the bills needing review and choose as many as you are comfortable with.
  5. Review the bills and write a short summary of its relative impact if it were to be passed.
  6. Go back to step 4 and choose another!