Proposed Bylaws Amendment October 2017

The purpose of this bylaw change is to correct an imbalance in the timing of elections for the current eight board positions and to help preserve institutional knowledge by separating the chair and research director elections.

In the early part of 2017, the civic action director position was removed from the board. This left eight board positions remaining, instead of nine. Elections for board positions take place every six months and terms last for two years, with a term-limit of two consecutive terms. This left the NHLA with one election period having one open position (secretary in April of odd years) and another election period with three open positions (political action, treasurer, and development in November of odd years.)

Upon reexamination of the election timeline, it was decided by the current board that it makes sense to separate the chair and research director positions to two separate election cycles to prevent too much institutional knowledge having to be replaced during one election cycle. Currently, both positions are up for reelection in November of even years.

Additions to the current bylaws are shown in blue.  Deletions are shown in strikeout. Notes are in green. Language changed from the previous version is underlined.

Proposed amendment:


3.5.1 Starting in December 2017, the term of office for each board position shall expire as follows: Odd years: April 30th: chairman, secretary; November 30th: political action, treasurer, development. Even years: April 30th: membership, IT; November 30th: chairman, development, research.


Please also feel free to compare directly with the current bylaws, which may be found here: