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April 2021 Board Election Results

The dust has settled and the April 2021 Board election is complete. We are pleased to announce our incoming Board members are Mo Rice as Secretary and Larry Borland as Membership Director. Each ran uncontested and won their seats with ample margins of 72% and 96%, respectively. Both are active members of NHLA and have great enthusiasm for liberty. We look forward to their ideas and leadership!

The election was conducted with approval voting. Of 100 respondents:

1. Secretary:
a) Mo Rice — 68 votes
b) None of the above — 26 votes
c) Write-in — 4 votes
2. Membership Director:

a) Larry Borland – 96 votes
b) None of the above – 3 votes
c) Write-in – 3 votes
The Board would like to express its sincere appreciation to its outgoing members:

• Secretary, Jaime Prout, who – along with her shrewd input on matters before the Board – was diligent in her mission of keeping the membership up to date on the happenings within the organization.
• Membership Director, Angela Harris, who took her role as token extrovert seriously and brought the NHLA to its first-ever gun show, bringing awareness of its mission to a larger audience.
• Chair, Holly Beene, who rolled up her sleeves and took on the role with gusto, bringing new ideas and renewed energy to the organization. Her dedication has been an inspiration and has kept NHLA moving forward, especially over the past year.
Please join us as we wish them all the best in their coming endeavors. We look forward to their continued involvement.

PLEASE NOTE: The position of Chair has NOT been filled. Keep an eye out for updates from the Board soon. In the meantime, if you know of anyone you think would be a good fit for the role, please email us at elections@nhliberty.org.

April 2019 Board Election Results

The results of the April 2019 Board of Directors election are in!  The newest member of the Board is incoming Chair, Holly Beene Seal, who handily won her seat with 90% of the vote. Holly has been a prolific member of the Bill Review team and has been an active participant at Board meetings. We are excited for what her future involvement will bring!

Congratulations are also in order for Jaime Prout, who is returning for her second term as Secretary after receiving 97% of the vote. One of Jaime’s duties is to make sure we all stay informed about the up-to-date happenings at NHLA, and we are pleased to have her continue in that role.

The election was conducted with approval voting. Of 69 respondents:

  1. Chair:
    1. Holly Beene Seal — 60 votes
    2. None of the Above —  6 votes
    3. Paul Best (write-in) — 1 vote
    4. Skipped — 2
  2. Secretary:
    1. Jaime Prout — 65 votes
    2. None of the Above — 2 votes
    3. Skipped — 2

The Board would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Keith Ammon, outgoing Chair, for all he has brought to the organization. To say that Keith has been a dedicated member of the Board is a vast understatement, and his many contributions as a leader and activist have been instrumental in keeping the NHLA at the forefront of the fight for liberty in New Hampshire. We look forward to his continued participation.