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These are the 2019 candidates endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. This list is updated with special elections for House and Senate as well as a limited number of candidates in local races. Additional announcements will be made as new data becomes available.

Endorsements for candidates with an existing legislative record are based on Liberty Ratings scores; endorsements for new candidates are based on our online candidate survey.

We feel that these candidates are the best choices for New Hampshire voters and worthy of NHLA members’ support. Campaign contributions from the NHLA’s PAC will be sent to these candidates.

Municipal Elections


Municipal Primary Election – September 17, 2019
Municipal General Election – November 5, 2019

  • Mayor – Victoria Sullivan
  • Alderman Ward 2 – Tyler Chase
  • Alderman Ward 6 – Elizabeth Moreau
  • Alderman Ward 11 – Andre Rosa

Special Elections

Rockingham County District No. 9 (Epping) – Special Election – October 8, 2019

  • Michael Vose