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Each year the NH Liberty Alliance honors individuals for their contributions to the fight for liberty and individual freedom. The honorees are announced at our annual Liberty Dinner.

We select one person as the Legislator of the Year based upon their efforts in Concord and one person as the Activist of the Year. In addition, we recognize our volunteers who spend countless hours contributing content to bill reviews and to the Gold Standard. Below are our past recipients:

Legislator of the Year
John Burt, 2019
Michael Sylvia, 2018
JR Hoell, 2017
JR Hoell, 2016
Dan Itse, 2015
Carol McGuire, 2014
Mark Warden, 2013
Paul Brown, 2012
Mark Warden, 2011
Carol McGuire, 2010
Edith “Dee” Hogan, 2009
Jason Bedrick, 2008
Richard Barry, 2007
James Wheeler, 2006
Cliff Newton, 2005
Michael Harrington, 2004

Activist of the Year
Will Anderson, 2017
Seamus Casey, 2016
Bill Alleman, 2015
Michelle Levell, 2014
Kirk McNeil, 2013
Doris Hohensee, 2012
Kevin Bloom, 2011
Matt Simon, 2010
Keith Carlsen, 2009
Tom Hudson, 2008
Tyler Stearns, 2007
Joel Winters, 2006

Top Bill Reviewers
Darryl W. Perry, 2017
Alvin See, 2017
James Stein, 2017

Darryl W. Perry, 2016
Jason Sorens, 2016
Mike Sylvia, 2016

Darryl W. Perry, 2015
Gordon Kemp, 2015
James Stein, 2015

Top Gold Standard Contributors
James Stein, 2017
Paul Best, 2017
Michelle Levell, 2017

Will Anderson, 2016
Michelle Levell, 2016
Doris Hohensee, 2016

Michelle Levell, 2015
Doris Hohensee, 2015
James Stein, 2015