NHLA Liberty Advocate

The NHLA is forming a core of people who shall be known as "Liberty Advocates". Such individuals are specifically trained and maximally empowered to advance the cause of Liberty in our State.

Advocates with limited time to devote may be in Reserve, in which case the NHLA shall call them to action only when the need is most critical and circumstances warrant. In addition, Advocates may volunteer to be part of the Active corps, in which case their participation in advancing Liberty shall be a more frequent commitment.

Things an Advocate should know

Things an Advocate should have done

  • Taken Constitution training (from NHLA, or elsewhere)
  • Spoken to your Representatives to discuss a bill of personal importance to you
  • Taken Bill review training
  • Done at least ten Bill reviews
  • Observed examples of Good and Bad public testimony in committee
  • Given mock testimony with existing NHLA Advocates
  • Observed Floor action, including examples of Good and Bad floor speeches
  • Volunteered in your local community

Things a Reserve Advocate should be committed to do when called to action:

  • Participate in NHLA Bill Review / Triage, when the volume of bills is large
  • Engage the legislature by email and telephone, when a critical bill warrants such action
  • Be present in person at the State House, on a critical day when citizen presence is crucial

Things an Active Advocate should be committed to do on a frequent basis:

All of the activities of a Reserve Advocate, on a frequent basis. In addition:

  • Track a specific committee, regularly attending committee sessions
  • Testify with the NHLA position on critical legislation
  • Describe the NHLA position to individual legislators
  • Be available for appointment to commissions