Letter to the Editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE) is a great way to let like-minded members of your community know they're not alone! It takes just a few minutes to write an LTE to your local paper.
Observe the following guidelines when writing an LTE:

  • Keep it short. Letters should be a short as possible; 200 words or fewer. Many papers will reject or edit longer letters.
  • Give your info. Include your name, full address and daytime phone. Most papers will not publish this info if you request that it be witheld; check with the paper in question if this is a concern.
  • Use your own words. The sample below is just a starting point. Say it in YOUR words -- after all, it's YOUR opinion!
  • Say something personal. If you have a personal story, share it.
  • Be polite. Never use obscenity, belittle an opponent, or resort to name-calling. If your opinion can't be said tactfully, don't say it in a public forum. 

Here's a sample letter to help get you started:
I support John Doe for State Rep. John is committed to preserving the liberties that make America special. He is an honest, hardworking man. I believe he is the right person to represent us in Concord.

Here's another useful LTE guide

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