NHLA Board Nominations for November 2017

The next NHLA Board elections will take place November 18 through 27, 2017.  There will be 3 elections taking place at that time: Treasurer, Political Director and Development Director.  A list of candidates will be kept here, as well as statements from the candidates.  Nominations are accepted until 5pm on November 16th.  Approval voting will be utilized, and you can vote for as many candidates as you approve of. Learn more about approval voting here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Approval_voting

Good luck to the candidates!


Development Director, 1 nomination to date for Lisa Cole

Lisa Cole Candidate Statement: 

I am a long time member of the NHLA, becoming a member before I moved to the Shire. I feel the NHLA represents many core values that I consider crucial to bringing more liberties to our beautiful state.I'm pleased to be nominated for the development director's position.

What makes me an ideal candidate, is my past experience including development and expansion of a national medical primary care system, while managing a multi'-state panel of providers. Many of my responsibilities included meeting with national insurance companies to market our medical services. I currently work as a hospitalist within local a hospital system. In my spare time, I enjoy entertaining, outdoor activities, travel, and home remodeling. I enjoy time at home with my spouse, daughter and our 3 dogs.


Political Director, 1 nomination to date for Dan McGuire.

Dan McGuire Candidate Statement:

After being active in his town of Epsom and as a member of the Republican State Committee Dan served for six years in the NH House on the Finance Committee.  He is a past co-chair of the House Republican Alliance, the longest serving board member of Granite State Taxpayers, the secretary of the Epsom Fire Auxiliary, a member of the Epsom Planning Board, and the vice-chair of the Merrimack County Republican Committee.  Dan and his bridge partner are the current NH state bridge champions.  Carol and Dan have been very happily married for 35 years.  They are part-owners of a number of local start-up businesses, including Murphy's Taproom in Manchester and Bedford.


Treasurer, 1 nomination to date for Steven Villee.

Steven Villee Candidate Statement:

Hi, my name is Steve Villee, and I'm seeking reelection as NHLA Treasurer.

About me:

I moved to New Hampshire from New York City in December 2003, just two months after the Free State Project announced that New Hampshire had been selected. I served as NHLA Secretary for 7 months in 2008/2009, then served as NHLA Treasurer from 2009 to 2013, and from 2015 to the present.

Unlike many liberty-leaning people, I'm not politically active in the usual sense. I don't plan to run for House Rep. This is partly because I lack the outgoing personality needed to run a successful campaign. But also, voters would probably expect me to argue that small government would be better for most people, and I can't honestly say I believe that. In particular, I have serious doubts about the standard libertarian tenet that private charity would be enough to take care of all legitimately needy people. I discussed this further in a short talk I gave at Liberty Forum, and in a longer talk I gave at AltExpo.

But I definitely prefer small government myself, and I love hanging out with others who prefer it. I'm proud to be a member of the NHLA, which is doing a wonderful job of advancing the cause of liberty here in New Hampshire.

My other interests include hiking, yoga and travelling to see total solar eclipses. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, and I'm a full time software engineer.

Why I'm running:

I believe serving as NHLA Treasurer is one of the most effective ways I can help out the liberty movement. My background in Mathematics and meticulous nature make me well suited to this role.

My goals as Treasurer:

I plan to perform the duties of Treasurer much as I have in the past. This includes providing accurate monthly financial reports, showing the activity in each of the three NHLA funds (Operations, PAC and Civic Action). I'll also send PAC reports in a timely manner to the Secretary of State's office, as required.

I have no specific ideas for fundraising at this time. I'll be looking for help from other people in this important task.

Please email me at svillee@ncia.net if you have any questions.