Nominees for Membership and IT Directors

Nominations for Membership and IT Director are open until 5pm April 15th.  The elections will run April 18th to 27th.  All full and lifetime members are eligible to serve for these two year terms.

Currently there is 1 candidate for each election.  Louis Calitz is seeking a second term as IT Director, and Angela Harris is seeking the position of Membership Director.


Angela Harris Bio:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Angela lived in California and North Carolina before realizing that her heart belonged in New Hampshire. Drawn by the Live Free or Die attitude as well as the scenic beauty and New Hampshire Advantage, she moved with her husband and youngest son in 2013.   Angela has been an active volunteer in the liberty movement since 2007 and in New Hampshire since her move. Most notably, she managed the main speaker venue for the 2015 Porcupine Freedom Festival and produced the highly successful 2016 New Hampshire Liberty Forum.  Angela is a registered nurse and professional genealogist.  When she’s not climbing someone’s family tree, she can be found knitting, cooking, or investigating one of New Hampshire’s ancient roadside cemeteries.


Louis Calitz Bio:

Louis Calitz is currently serving as IT director on the NHLA board, where he led the development of a new version of the Bill Review System, with the help of awesome volunteers. Currently he's working on the new NHLA website. He has served as a board member for the FSP, and helped out with the IT and operational needs for the FSP. He's held IT leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies and startups, most recently at StubHub/EBay.