The NHLA is entirely dependent upon volunteers to accomplish its objective of safeguarding and restoring our individual liberties. If you have the time, please share your unique skills and expertise to help further our crucial cause. Volunteer to help us today!


Volunteer Coordinator

If there's something you'd like to help with, or a project you think would be good for the NHLA, an easy, great way to get started is to contact our Volunteer Coordinator at chair@nhliberty.org Several specific examples of NHLA volunteer opportunities are listed below.


Political Action

The NHLA continues to do it's best to keep a close eye on the activities in our State House. Formulating our Legislative Report Card and determining the NHLA's Legislator of the Year (unveiled at our annual Liberty Dinner) are ongoing processes. Political Action is also active in recruiting, training and supporting strong liberty candidates for state and local office. If you would like to assist with these efforts, or would be willing to be trained to testify on behalf of pro-liberty bills before committees in Concord, please contact our Director of Political Action, Dan McGuire at political@nhliberty.org

The NHLA also has subject matter Team Leads who are actively working to enhance and safeguard liberty in Concord. If you are interested in volunteering on a particular topic, please contact the Team Lead directly. They will help you get involved in the ways that best fit your interests and abilities.

Team Lead: Education Policy

Michelle Levell (mlevell@nhliberty.org)

Team Lead: Marijuana Policy

Matt Simon (msimon@nhliberty.org)

Team Lead: Asset Forfeiture & Poker

Kirk McNeil (kmcneil@nhliberty.org


Public Relations

We are always in need of people who can assist in drafting press releases and otherwise promoting the NHLA. Please contact our Secretary, Jaime Prout, at secretary@nhliberty.org to volunteer.



The NHLA cannot survive without raising the money necessary to fund its programs and functions. If you have experience in raising money or have ideas to share please email our Treasurer, Steve Villee, at treasurer@nhliberty.org to find out how you can help.


Research and Bill Review

If you possess particular expertise in an area that concerns public policy, such as economics, education, and/or the Constitution, and would be willing to help write policy briefs in support of personal liberty for distribution to the media and elected representatives, please contact our Director of Research, Jeffrey Creem, at research@nhliberty.org. We are always looking for more people to review bills when the legislature is in session. If you'd like to join the team, let Tim know.


Membership Growth

If you have an interest in helping us build our membership numbers, reaching out to liberty-loving people throughout New Hampshire, please contact our Director of Membership, Lisa McGunnigle at membership@nhliberty.org