Working to Expand Liberty

The NHLA is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. We review and rate bills in the State Legislature, and recommend how legislators should vote on bills, based on how they affect individual liberties. We compile report cards on legislators, based on their support for individual liberty. We also assist the campaigns of Liberty candidates for the New Hampshire Legislature, and, provide assistance to local families or persons in need. Learn more…

Hello world!

Welcome to the new NHLA website! This change modernizes the underlying website technology, provides better support for back-end operations, and allows more scope for future growth. All the major pieces required for operation are in place, but, it is a work in progress, so if you notice anything missing or wrong, or, want to add something, please let us know via email at Read more

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We Need Your Help!

The NHLA is an all-volunteer organization, with a handful of volunteers shouldering all the work. Build your reputation as a Liberty Activist, not to mention expand Liberty, by volunteering!

The NHLA has modest operational expenses, most of our money goes towards the campaigns of Liberty candidates for the NH Legislature. We also have a charitable fund that helps local families in need. Please donate to help us continue this important work.